Tree Trimming

This is a picture of a tree trimming service.

Tree trimming is equal parts art and science and one of the most common calls we get at Premier Tree Surgeons Seattle.  Trimming could be needed for a number of reasons.  It could be purely cosmetic as a tree loses shape and looks clumsy.  It could be safety as tree growth takes it too near buildings, roads, or power lines.  It could be to promote healthier growth of the tree itself as trimming and pruning help promote healthy tree development.  If your trees are starting to look shaggy, out of shape, or dangerously near things you'd like them kept away from then it's time to call us in for tree trimming.  Even if everything looks good then you should be aware that tree trimming is good for your trees so if they haven't been trimmed in the last three years it's probably time to give Premier Tree Surgeons Seattle a call anyway.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming cuts away dead wood and unsightly damaged branches and results in a healthier stronger tree with a longer lifespan ahead of it. It lets sunshine in which may be important for other plants in your garden or yard.  It increases resistance to diseases, and provides the perfect time for tree specialists from Premier Tree Surgeons Seattle to evaluate the general health of the tree. Plus, done properly, it can help trees cope with high winds or bad weather to avoid damage from the elements.

How and When

In general the best time to trim a tree is when it goes into its dormant stage in Fall and Winter but if the tree trimming is needed for safety reasons or in advance of bad weather then obviously the best time to have Premier Tree Surgeons Seattle trim your tree is right now.

Trimming Techniques

Knowing exactly where to trim a tree is part of the science of tree surgery and while typically we look to make cuts in what is called the branch/bark ridge each tree is different, as are the reasons for trimming and that affects just where the best incision should be made.  Trust Premier Tree Surgeons Seattle to know exactly how much needs trimming, at which points, and how often.  We know when machine tools are the best option or when a more gentle hand tool approach is the best way to trim any given tree because trees are our business, and we take our business seriously.


Trimming large branches and boughs can be a tricky job involving surgeons climbing up into trees by rope access or cherry pickers.  It also often brings surgeons into close contact with buildings and power points so you need to be sure you have licensed, insured, registered professionals from Premier Tree Surgeons Seattle to take care of your job.  Then there's the risk of falling wood which professional tree surgeons know to minimize with precise, three-point cuts that mean the trim happens at exactly the place we want it to, leaving us to then neaten up any stumps.

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