Tree and Stump Removal

This is a picture of a tree and stump removal service.

We love trees at Top Tree Service Seattle but we're the first to acknowledge that sometimes it's just time to take the tree away.  Perhaps that tree is too weak or sick to carry on and the best thing to do is remove it before it becomes a fall risk.  Maybe it's the opposite and the tree is just a bit too strong with roots that threaten buildings and branches that are causing problems with other structures.  Maybe it's simply unsafe, maybe it's simply unsightly.  Whatever the problem if a tree has to be removed then you want to be sure it's done by the professionals because this is a big thing that needs to be done right if it isn't going to cause a lot of damage to its surroundings. Remember that it is an offense in Seattle to remove a tree without authorization, so if you want a tree removed you need to make sure you do it right.  Trust the pros.


If you're hoping for a team of men in lumberjack shirts wielding axes then you're likely to be disappointed.  Chopping down a tree is more of a science these days with power tools being used to ensure that trees come down in stages and safely. You might still end up with the firewood though if that's what you want – talk to us at Top Tree Service Seattle about what you want done with your old tree when it's down and chopped to size.

Crane Rigging

In some cases, due to access and safety reasons, it's best to lift the trunk of the tree with a crane to remove it cleanly. We'll take care of that for you at Top Tree Service Seattle and we'll liaise with any appropriate authorities or utility companies that may need to give permission or be informed of the work.

Stump Grinding

There's no doubt that the best way of taking out a stump with least disruption to the surrounding area is with professional stump grinding machinery.  Stump grinders will literally reduce your tree stump to a pulp as if it was never there.  Top Tree Service Seattle are experts at stump grinding and also aware of the potential hazards.  If a stump is on a slope or otherwise surrounded by obstacles that mean the grinding machine cannot get near then we have to rethink but luckily with Top Tree Service Seattle you're in the company of pros and there is always a way. Proper stump removal goes down below ground level so that not only is there no trip risk from the remainder of the stump but grass can grow right over the top of where it was and not project from the ground level.


Keeping Seattle green is part of what we do so whenever a tree (sadly) has to be removed we recommend looking at replacing it with a young tree of a type that will not suffer from the problems of its predecessor and which you can look forward to growing with. Top Tree Service Seattle are the tree experts so we are perfectly placed to advise you on what type of tree you want to plant to replace any that you are having to remove.

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