Tree Hazard Inspection

This is a picture of a tree hazard inspection service.

Trees are an important factor in the value of your home and its curbside appeal, but there is a flip side to that in that they can also pose a safety risk to the public or to your own property for which you are responsible.  Damaged trees can be saved (see our section on bracing and cabling damaged trees) but only if you get to them in time.  Normally with support systems for trees it is pretty clear the tree needs help but sometimes structural damage isn't obvious until it's too late and those heavy limbs break off and fall or the entire trunk sags.   The experts at Top Tree Service Seattle can avoid that risk by detecting structural risks in trees before any damage is done, even when the structural faults are entirely invisible.  All the more reason to call Top Tree Service Seattle today and have us inspect your trees braces and support systems.  Safe is always better than sorry.

Preventative Inspection

If you have any reason to think your trees may not be as solid as they should, and if you have any reason to think that situation could get worse (think Seattle weather) then you want to call Top Tree Service Seattle and have your trees inspected now.  Remember that as well as watching out for any potential damage to property or people there is also the issue that preventative inspection could simply save the tree itself if it is not in good condition. Think of it as being like a medical check up – after a certain age it just makes sense.


One of the first steps in professional tree care is to draw up an exact map of your trees including their type, precise location, and status.  You might think that in this day of GPS mapping would be simply a matter of taking a GPS reading and saying 'this one' but realistically, unless your trees are conveniently spaced about 20 foot or more from each other then GPS isn't accurate enough to identify a tree and we need to map them as part of assessing present and future risks.


The next step in tree inspection is a thorough examination of the tree's appearance and condition.  The best tool for this is the eye of a trained tree professional from Top Tree Service Seattle who will be able to detect and assess damage or potential weaknesses that are not visible to the uninitiated. After that though the next tool we use to determine a tree's integrity and detect dryness, rot, or cavities is a sounding mallet which we use to tap the tree and listen to the way it resonates.


If it's called for then Top Tree Service Seattle will further examine a tree in detail by boring out a small sliver from its core and inspecting the water and resin levels within it.  Sometimes a tool called a resistometer is used to drill into wood and simultaneously measure the turning force required to drive the drill – which in turn tells us how dense the wood is. Intrusive and damaging inspection techniques are avoided where possible but as pros we know that a small hole in a tree may be a necessary evil if it leads to saving that tree from falling.

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