Tree Care

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There's a lot more to tree care than simply cutting them back or removing stumps.  True tree care is a nurturing process that starts with a thorough survey of the type and condition of your trees, the soil they are in, the spread of roots and their likely future development.  Proper care means thinking ahead to ensuring healthy growth for your trees within the likely limitations of their environment so don't wait until a tree needs care to call on us – call us in right now so we can plan your trees' long and happy health.


Careful maintenance includes selective pruning of dead or older growth to promote healthy growth. Pruning, if done correctly, enables you to limit, encourage, or direct the way your trees grow.  If done badly of course it is just damage which is why you need the experts from Top Tree Service Seattle to do the job. Trees vary enormously in their response to pruning so that, for example, beech trees benefit from a far more gently approach than other trees.  Fruit trees require a different kind of pruning altogether to maximize the yield which is why you need to talk to Top Tree Surgeons Seattle before giving up on old trees that don't seem to fruit anymore, or young trees that are growing too straggly.  We know how to get the most from your trees.

Soil Management

A lot of tree care comes down to soil management.  Top Tree Service Seattle understand just how deep tree roots are running and how deep and far they should be encouraged to run in order to proved the most efficient life support for your trees.  We look at what your soil is made up from, what its granularity factor it, the compaction of your area, the water infiltration, run off, and leaching involved and then we take steps to optimize all of those factors for the good of your trees and your land. You may want to improve the drainage, or remodel some of the landscape to get the most from your trees.  Talk to Top Tree Service Seattle about how.

Pest Management

Top Tree Service Seattle believe in limiting the amount of toxins we pour into our own environment so when we find pest problems we don't reach for the sprays unless there really is no other choice.  Mostly we don't reach for them at all because there is always another choice.  We also like to think long term and that means, for example, attracting natural predators to take care of pests.  Nature's own way is often the best there is and that can be achieved by careful planting of certain vegetation that attracts predators by providing the environment they need to thrive.

Fungal Problems

Powdery Mildew, and Scab are just two of the fungal problems that affect trees in the Seattle area.  As with insect pests we don't believe in reaching for the chemicals until we've checked out just what is causing otherwise healthy trees to suffer from fungal issues. We believe in a full check up for your trees and we will try to change the conditions that encouraged fungal growth rather than simply trying to poison it out of existence.Find out much more details about us.

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