Tree Braces and Support Systems

This is a picture of a tree braces and support system service.

Trees are incredible structures but sometimes they need a little support. Damage from lightning or accidents can leave them alive but unable to support parts of their own weight, or they may not have been cared for as they grew and have grown to be too misshapen to stand straight. Or wind or age may have bend them, or they may simply be young and need support as they grow to ensure that they grow the way you want. Whatever the reason, Top Tree Service Seattle can ensure your trees get all the support they need to stay strong and healthy.


Once upon a time it was normal practice for tree surgeons to pour concrete into the trunks of trees to give them support.  That's no longer normal practice and modern tree support systems work by giving the tree, or parts of the tree an external anchor to draw strength from.  Cabling is when a steel cable is attached to the tree and stretched to a ground anchor to help pull the tree back from a direction of lean. Cabling helps a tree that can't support its own weight properly because of uneven growth, or provides a way of keeping a tree safe if there are questions about its structural integrity in the case of strong winds.  Although normally preventative, cables can also be used in some repair situations If you have trees that are cracked or starting to lean, and especially if those trees look to be leaning in a way that could threaten the public, then it's time to call Top Tree Service Seattle and see if we can cable your trees out of trouble.


Braces are threaded metal rods that can be introduced into a tree a bit like a peg is used to help attach a replacement tooth in your mouth.  They can be used on their own or as back ups to cables to help pull misshapen or sagging trees back into shape and ensure they don't pose a risk to people or property.  Bracing rods can also be used a bit like the pins used to help broken bones reset by holding together the two parts of a tree limb as they grow back together.


In some situations full steel cabling isn't called for or the tree is to young or delicate to take the injury that screwing in a cable loop will cause.  In those cases Top Tree Service Seattle may use guy ropes which are softer artificial ropes that can be looped around tree limbs to help pull them back into shape.


In some cases, particularly where tree limbs can no longer support their own weight but are still healthy there is dramatic sagging to the point where the limb can be nearly horizontal.  That's the time to prop up the limb.  Choosing exactly where the prop should go, what it should be made of, and how best to do it so that it blends aesthetically with the surroundings are all calls made by Top Tree Service Seattle. Let Top Tree Service Seattle fertilize and mulch your trees.

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