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This is a picture of a premier tree surgeon Seattle services.

Top Tree Service Seattle take care of your trees through the whole tree life cycle from the planning stage of what trees to plant right through to those sad (but sometimes necessary) last rites when a tree and its stump has to be cut, removed and disposed of.  We are qualified arborists trained to take care for all the tree types likely to be found in the gardens and commercial spaces of Seattle.

Experienced in the particular pests and problems of trees in the region we are specialists in tree trimming, caring for tree diseases, and supporting damaged or structurally unsound trees that need a little help for whatever reason. Whether you are worried about the condition of a tree, or thinking ahead and making sure that trees don't pose a future hazard to people, property, or simply themselves we are the professionals who can come and inspect your trees and propose the best course of action for you and for them.

We also care for trees throughout the year, including mulching services, and fertilization whether that is a slow release annual job or a seasonal top up or deep fertilization mix for a particular tree.  To do that naturally we are experts in analyzing the soil and environment of your trees as well as likely effects the Seattle weather is going to have.  When it comes to taking care of trees we are your team.  So get in touch now for the following.

Seattle, WA