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If you ever take a look at the forest floor there is a lot of organic material, starting with the broken up twigs from last year, and getting smaller and smaller as you go deeper and the organic material is broken down by earth worms.  That process releases nutrients to make them available for the trees and provides oxygen. In nature trees are naturally fertilized by the organic nutrients that enrich the soil but in our backyards we often starve them of likely food by actions such as sweeping away the leaves and dead plant matter before it can decompose into nutritious compost.  Then we change the natural way that water reaches our plants, directing it away with asphalt driveways and drains. Thereby affecting the available nutrition in the process.  Finally we force trees to compete for resources. with other plants they wouldn't normally find themselves next to. All of which means that trees can use a helping hand to get what they need to look their best. Which is where Top Tree Service Seattle come in.

Which Fertilizer?

Every fertilizer in the stores has three numbers on it telling you the content of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.  Knowing which one is the one for your trees is a matter of understanding the soil and surrounding plants.  Top Tree Service Seattle works with a large number of types of fertilizer and compost to ensure that we give your trees exactly the nutrition they need to grow and thrive.


Properly applied mulch suppresses weeds, retains water, and helps keeps mowers away from the tree trunks.  An organic hardwood mulch, for example will do all of these as long as it is properly applied in the right depth and not against the stem of the tree itself.  Ideally mulch will be applied right out to the drip line of the tree to mimic the natural setting.  Let our experts fertilize and mulch your trees.

Different Seasons

While it's best to fertilize your trees lightly throughout the year, and not just in Spring, the experts at TopTree Service Seattle will always aim to fertilize a little more and a little differently in the peak growing season which varies from tree to tree.  We like a combination of a slow release, long lasting base fertilizer topped up when the time comes with the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to suit that tree type and position.

Deep Fertilizer

Top Tree Service Seattle don't just spray fertilizer and hope for the best.  We're pros so we start with soil samples to analyze the key chemical components of your soil and find the pH balance and what elements are out of balance.  If we find there are missing elements we may also choose to target individual trees very specifically by applying the right fertilizer deep into the soil where it will mostly be accessible to that tree and that tree alone. You can think of it as personalized fertilization for individual trees.  Because at Top Tree Service Seattle every tree is special.

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