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Trees are part of what makes Seattle tick.  Lumber was the first industry in this part of Washington State and the government of Seattle takes tree seriously enough to encourage Street Tree planting, and reporting of illegal tree removal.  At Top Tree Service Seattle we couldn't agree more because trees are exactly what makes us tick too. We are your local International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists – tree people if you prefer.

We understand that trees are a crucial part of your landscape.  They affect the drainage, the sunlight, the nature of the soil itself, and they can add huge value to your life, your property, or your business. Equally, if left improperly managed the big green guys can threaten property, utility cables or pipes, public safety, or other trees and plants.  Which is why you want the tree people pros on your side taking care of leafy business. Top Tree Service Seattle are those guys and we love talking trees so get in touch and talk to us about what we could do for you.  Tree surgeons don't just leap in when tree limbs look set to fall, nor are we just there for an annual prune or trim.

We understand the whole life cycle of trees and can help advise you on what trees will work best in your property or your life. So give us a call now and talk trees with us, or if you have a problem or project maybe you want to send us a picture or fill in our email form and trust your question to us.  We'll be delighted to answer it.

Seattle, WA