About Us

This is a picture of a premier tree surgeon Seattle pros.

Top Tree Service Seattle are your friendly local International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists (tree specialists).  We love trees.  Sap runs in our veins.  One of the reasons we love living here in Seattle is because Seattle loves trees too and our tall leafy friends are one of the things that has shaped the landscape around here since the first settlers.

We are there for every stage in your trees' lives including the interesting bit when they haven't even started to put out roots yet.  We can advise you on the best trees for your yard, lot, gardens, or shopping center.  We keep in line with Seattle's very own Trees For Neighborhoods project and ensure that you grow the trees that are right for your soil and which will thrive within the space you want them to stick to. Once trees are established we prune trees and trim trees not just to keep them looking good but to encourage healthy growth.  We maintain them and keep them free of pests and diseases.

When they're in trouble we can use cables, props, and supports of all kinds to give them extra strength they need to carry on.  And should the worst happen and your trees need removing we are there to safely cut and remove trees, and even grind out the stumps so there is no trip hazard and no sign of a tree ever being there.  But of course for us that's just the beginning – because whenever we remove a tree in Seattle we look at ways of replacing it with a better one... and starting all over again. We wouldn't be Top Tree Service Seattle if we didn't.

Seattle, WA