Seattle loves trees.  How many other towns do you know where the government asks the inhabitants to become Tree Ambassadors?  Or where there is a Tree Steward and a Trees for Neighborhoods project?  Maybe they came for the seaport, but it was the lumber that was the first industry for Seattle settlers and to this day this is a city that treats trees with respect.  Which is where we come in.  TopTree Service Seattle are proud to be not just part of that fine tradition, but right at the forefront of keeping Seattle as much about trees as it is about the sea.

About us

Top Tree Service Seattle are your local qualified, certified, insured arborists.  Taking care of trees is a complex task that combines a lot of love, a lot of scientific knowledge (we are proud to be ISA (International Society of Arboriculture ) certified arborists.  The Seattle government has been know to hand out free trees to locals, but we're the ones who take care of them. We can advise on the right tree for your space, help take care of it as it grows, and take it away at the end of its life.  We're there for the whole life cycle because trees are our life.

Seattle, WA

Top Tree Service Seattle

Our Services

​Top Tree Service Seattle are your local tree surgeon and arborist experts in the Seattle area. We literally care for trees throughout their life cycle from acorn to giant oak and on the way we provide trimming and pest control, soil management, pruning, and where necessary tree removal and stump grinding. Prior to suggesting replacement trees of course.

This is a picture of a tree and stump removal.

Tree and Stump Removal

We're never happy to see a tree go but sometimes there's no choice and sometimes it's for the best since we can replace a sick tree with a healthy and better suited alternative. However if it's time to go it's time to go and we are the team who can do a site analysis and from that safely remove any tree including grinding out its stump to leave no trace. We'll remove your tree with no damage to your property, and we'll make sure the entire process goes ahead with the blessing of the local authorities (unauthorized tree removal is an offense in Seattle).

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Tree Trimming

There are a number of reasons why a tree might need trimming. Annually there is the issue of trimming (pruning) to help remove dead branches and promote healthy growth. Then there are the problems that arise when a tree starts to get too big for the place it was planted or starts to grow in unwanted directions. Trees should never be allowed to touch your property (let alone anyone else's) or get too close to power lines or underground piping. Let us assess the need for trimming to avoid such hazards and give you a long term schedule for what needs to be done to keep your trees in order.

This is a picture of a tree hazard inspection.

Tree Hazard Inspection

Typically Top Tree Service Seattle get called in when a tree or its major limbs offer an obvious threat. That could mean danger of wood dropping onto parked cars, pedestrians, property, or family, or it could mean that a leaning tree looks like it's going to keep on going until it ends up is in obvious danger. Smart tree owners know that some forms of damage are invisible and that only a trained eye (and ear) can tell if a tree is sound or not. In any case we are the team to tell you. Call us and have your trees inspected for any possible risks now.

"We had a bunch of old tree stumps out in the backyard and even though someone had clearly tried to cut them down to the ground we were still tripping over them until Top Tree Service Seattle came round one afternoon and simply ground them down to below the level of the lawn. Now there is no trace at all.” - Don V.

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"Top Tree Service Seattle have cared for our fruit trees for years and I mentally offer a little prayer of thanks every time we harvest. Professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. ” - Yulya L.

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"Bad weather had caused a bit of damage with falling branches even smashing a car window in the lot. So we got Top Tree Surgeons Seattle in to ensure there was no further risk of falls. Not only did they do that but they explained how to weather proof our trees for the future without having to get rid of the lot. We were really happy and now have year round maintenance contracts. ”- Paul K.

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Tree Braces and Support Systems

Life and the Seattle weather take their toll on trees and sometimes a tree is still alive, even healthy, but no longer strong enough to take the strain of standing fully upright. No problem. Top Tree Service Seattle can brace, cable, guy or support those sagging trunks and in the process give a new lease of life to a tired tree as well as protecting your property.

This is a picture of a tree braces and support system.


Trees need food too. Only thing is that we like to tidy up around them so they look neat but never get to benefit from natural composting and the decomposition of dead leaves and twigs. Some trees don't have the root reach to get all of the natural nutrients they need either. Top Tree Surgeons Seattle will conduct a full analysis of your soil and decide which key elements your trees need and in what proportions and quantities then fertilize them accordingly. A fed tree is a happy tree.

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Tree Care

Top Tree Service Seattle conduct all aspects of tree care from planning and planting right through to dead wood removal. We are experts in cosmetic or surgical interventions to keep trees healthy and we will ensure your trees fight off pests of all kinds.

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Top Tree Service Seattle are simply the most professional arbologists in town so call us now to talk about your tree needs. Or fill in the email form on this site with your projects or problems and we will get back to you right away with the answers you need.